How Does One Gauge his Ears?

gaugesStretching one’s ears is a tradition that dates back centuries. Old tribesmen used to stretch their ears to mark their entry into adulthood with the size of the stretch representing their status among the tribe. Nowadays, the fashion world has ¬†caught up and we can see more and more people on the streets with gauged ears of various sizes.

If you’d like to join the ranks and learn how to stretch your ears easily and without pain, follow the advice we just share below.

Gauges for Ears – Step by Step

  1. Select a pair of plugs to use for stretching the ears. A size of 14 should do
  2. Disinfect your earlobe and your taper
  3. Be very gentle and get the taper inside your pierced earlobe. Push until it has come though
  4. Finish it off by placing the O-rings that serve to block the plug

Once you’ve done it for both ears, let them rest and don’t touch them. Gradually, over the course of the next days, you will see that your lobes are starting to stretch. Refrain from pushing the gauges deeper.

It is normal to want to stretch fast and as large as possible but you need to understand that this is a slow process. If you’re too impatient, you run the risk of tearing your lobes apart. These are delicate organs that need to be treated with care. So take your time and you’ll have nice gauged ears that will be both beautiful and healthy.